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Whether or not you are looking to change your body, Weightless will change your life. 

This 16 week deep dive into beliefs, habits and resonance will transform the way you see yourself, your body and your life, and support the change you need to creating your ultimate kick-ass life! 

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I want to help you reclaim your body and your life. Let's talk about your specific issues and design an action-plan to get your head, emotions, and body in the place it deserves to be. 

Lindsay Crowther

Dear Friends,


Our bodies are our partners. They are the way we navigate the world, and if we are living in constant shame and guilt over them - we CANNOT be the women we want to be. Not even close. 

I did not want to be the poster child for Body Love.

I never thought I would be here, helping women learn to love their bodies and to UNLEARN all of the guilt, shame, and blame.


I spent most of my life living in these spaces - hating what I saw in the mirror. Terrorizing my body - because WHY couldn't it just BE what I wanted it to be. WHY did it have to be THIS? 


I am not trying to be an influencer of the plus-size body positivity movement. 


In fact, I didn't want to put myself "out there" at all while I was "plus size." I always thought if I did find my way into coaching and helping women, it would be AFTER I had lost weight and THEN I would have something valuable to contribute to the world. 

My WORTH was chained to my WEIGHT.

Despite doing almost a decade of mindset work, working with and for mindset coaches, I still had a huge disconnection between ME - Lindsay - and this body I roll around in. I still hated her. I still wished she was different. I still terrorized her every single day and I STILL got trapped in crazy unsustainable "diet" plans - and then I would promptly fail and blame my body for it. 


It wasn't until I started yoga teacher training that everything changed for me. I learned to connect to my body - just how she is. Right now, without distorting, changing, or devaluing her. I started to realized something that changed my entire life. 


I am not my body and my body is not me.


We are partners. We navigate together. We create together. Everything that she was, is, or would be was a co-creation. She and I went through a lot together, and she held those emotions for me. She held them close to her, just as I held them close to me. 


I found a way to love my body, and so can you.

I have learned to like, love, appreciate, and even ADORE my body. I am not saying we don't have tough days - we do. We are still working through the process of learning to trust each other after I had terrorized her for almost 30 years. 


But now we listen to each other. We don't rush through our days. We spend time togetherMost importantly we are NEVER mean to each other. (And by "we" I mean "me" because I was a real asshole to her for a long, long time.)


I want to help other women; great, deserving, amazing women get over their body issues so they can live their best lives and learn to TAKE CARE of their bodies that comes from a place of love. (Instead of our usual STARVE. BINGE. SHAME. GUILT. REPEAT. cycle.) 

This is not a weight-loss plan. It's a way out of your head and into your body so weight-loss is no longer a struggle.

  • Learn your body's language. Your body will tell you when it needs rest, relaxation, movement, or nourishment. You just have to learn its cues.

  • Establish trust in each other again. You don't trust your body, it works against you, right? Your body doesn't trust you, you're mean to it. We work on establishing a healthy and trusting relationship between you and your body. 

  • Heal the emotions that fuel body shame. Weight loss will never be sustainable until you heal the emotions and stop being ashamed of yourself and your body. Experience setting goals with love, instead of guilt. 

  • Stop beating yourself up for what you didn't know. Many of us were never taught HOW to truly love and care for our bodies. You will learn how to face your body fears and put them to rest once and for all. 

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I want to help you reclaim your body. Let's talk about your specific issues and design an action-plan to get your head, emotions, and body in the place it deserves to be. 

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