What if...

You loved your body?

Hey boo, 

I'm Lindsay. I know how absolutely paralyzing it can be to have a hateful and volatile relationship with your body. I lived that way for a majority of my life. 


My hate for my body was so intense in fact that it became destructive on a physical level. My body started ATTACKING itself. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension.


I was heartbroken.


I had 2 young girls and was applying for grad school at the time of my diagnosis. I felt like my life (and will) had been kicked out from underneath me. I didn't know what to do. 

I dropped out of college (because WHY? if I was just going to be full-time sick for the remainder of my life?) and made the decision to do the things I wanted to do before my time ran out. 


A really amazing thing happened though, once I threw caution to the wind and started making choices based on what I wanted rather than the obligations I had stacked on throughout the years. 


I got better. 


Lesions stopped showing up in my MRIs AND even old ones had healed themselves. I have had clean and normal MRIs for the past nine years, and have been off of disease modifying medications since about the same time.  I don't intend on changing that anytime soon. 


Doctors have asked me "What have you done?" "What changes have you made?" "What is your diet like?" And I always give them an answer they don't really like much. 


​The only thing I changed was my mind. 


​I changed my mind, I didn't accept being sick and so I wasn't. I would like to tell you that this was very easy and the next day I was riding a unicorn over a rainbow but it didn't happen like that. It happened in slow but deliberate shifts of my beliefs and my behaviors - and it only happened because I believed, from the very core of my being, that healing was possible for me. 



Over the past 10 years I have studied both the mind and body and how consciousness affects our experiences. I have learned about the body/mind/soul connection and learned to both process and RELEASE the energetic trauma that I was storing in my body. The beliefs that literally made me sick. 

But the story of my recovery would be incomplete if I did not address the BIG ASS problem I had been dealing with most of my life - my weight and how I felt about the size of my body. 

This was a constant ongoing battle, even through the mindset work I was doing to heal my body from an MS diagnosis. I was caught in an abusive cycle with my body and I was the abuser. 

In 2018 I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training, believing that yoga could give me the "missing link" of connecting with my body. I intuitively knew that yoga would be the bridge that would FINALLY bring my body and I to the same side. We could start working together instead of against each other

It was through establishing a deep and loving connection with my body that my size-inclusive yoga class, Buddha Body; and my group coaching program, Weightless, were born.

My body forgave the years of abuse 

I Help Women Create Freedom in their Bodies Through Healing Their Relationships with Themselves

  • Unpacking Years of Beliefs

    In order to get off the shame-guilt rollercoaster, we have to identify which beliefs currently exist and are driving our behaviors. We examine the coping mechanisms that were developed as young girls and continue to be our default mode when it comes to stress or overwhelm. 

  • Using Energy to our Advantage

    All of my courses and workshops follow the Chakra system. Whether you believe in chakras or not, this system gives us a roadmap to follow as we uncover beliefs and where our personal power is being misused. 


    Root chakra - Family and tribal resonance and beliefs 

    Sacral Chakra - Our relationship to ourselves and others

    Solar Plexus Chakra - Self esteem and personal power 

    Heart Chakra - Self compassion and loving what is 

    Throat Chakra - How we express (or don't express) ourselves in the world

    Third Eye Chakra - Developing trust in self 

    Crown Chakra - Connection to the Divine and seeing ourselves as Divine creations

  • Movement and Meditation

    Yoga is one of the best ways to connect to our bodies.

    When we have been absuive to our bodies through our thoughts, actions, and beliefs - we must use movement intentionally. In a nourishing way, that establishes trust between our minds and our bodies. We use yoga to gently drop in to the sensations of the body, and quiet the mind's judgements about it. Coupled with guided meditations designed to pull spirit into the equation we learn to develop a compassion for self and see the mind, body, and spirit begin to work cohesively. 

  • Goals from Love, Not Fear

    Whatever your vision for yourself and your life is,  change doesn't have to be difficult. If we can cultivate true compassion and appreciation for the things that ARE, rather than judging or beating ourselves up over them, we can stop the cycles of shame that stop us from living full, vibrant lives. You are worthy of your own love NOW - not in 10, 50, or 100 pounds lost. You deserve all the things you want to create for yourself. 

My overall experience was amazing. I love the education/movement/meditation model. Thank you for showing us how to individually modify and support for our bodies. Also, Lindsay is a KICK ASS motivator!


Ashley B.

I appreciate your stories and simple, laymans terms used. I also appreciate that you speak from your heart and don't try to 'preach' at me or sound like a guru, I felt you were being genuine and yourself which I really liked.I loved the content.

Stacie S.

This course has unveiled a lot of unhealed issues that I have been running from. I feel like I had been searching for some direction to start the healing and this course lit the path I need to follow to make that happen. Thank you for that!!

Kari H.

I like how authentically herself Lindsay is. She's so genuine and caring, it comes through in everything she says and how she teaches.

Molly A.

Lindsay is loving, caring, enthusiastic and an amazing person. She is so supportive...I couldn't have asked for a better coach.

Whitney F.

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