I know what it's like to struggle with overwhelming body shame. 

Wishing I was "attractive" like my thinner friends. 

Feeling like anyone who dated me was doing it out of charity. 

Surrendering my opinion and preferences so people would like me. I thought if I was agreeable enough, if I was accommodating enough, if I was pleasant enough then it wouldn't matter that I was a big girl. 


It was never enough. 


When we are living with bodies bigger than society calls acceptable, it creates so much shame. I lived it for 3 decades - I found a way out of it - without extreme dieting - and I learned not only to accept my body, but to LOVE it, to CHERISH it, and to RESPECT it. 


And now I want to help you create freedom in your own body - so you can live the life you want, without shame and fear. 

Get ready for your life to change!!

Weightless is a high-touch, 16 week intensive group program that gets you out of shame and into the game. 


We build the self-esteem you need to start creating the image, relationships, career, and life you ACTUALLY want to live -without feeling overshadowed by shame and guilt. 


The women in this group are fierce and provide the love, support, and acceptance we learn to show ourselves along the way. 


Wild and Worthy is a "soft" approach to healing our shame stories and begin connecting with our bodies. 


With 1 year or month-to-month membership options, this is perfect for you if you're ready to see what's waiting for you on the other side of fear. 


We meet once per week for yoga and meditations designed specifically for women new to yoga (big bodies included!) or wanting to connect to their bodies in a new way. 

Sacred She Retreats give you the rest time you deserve. With monthly 1 day "mini" retreats, you can join other women in a safe and supportive environment to move your body, eat nourishing food, experience Reiki healing, and connect with other women walking the path to inner peace and acceptance. 


Sacred She retreats are facilitated in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. 


Private retreats are available too! 

Some of the most profound work I do with people is Akashic Record readings. Within the Akashic records we discover the stories of our souls - from our soul group of origin to the negative karmas we accrue, an investment in having your records read is never misspent. 

These in-depth readings take about. month to complete and include 3 separate discovery calls to go over all of the information I find. 

At the end of our journey you and I will work together to clear the records through intention, ritual, and empowered choices.

My overall experience was amazing. I love the education/movement/meditation model. Thank you for showing us how to individually modify and support for our bodies. Also, Lindsay is a KICK ASS motivator!

Ashley B.


I appreciate your stories and simple, laymans terms used. I also appreciate that you speak from your heart and don't try to 'preach' at me or sound like a guru, I felt you were being genuine and yourself which I really liked.I loved the content!!

Staci S. 


This course has unveiled a lot of unhealed issues that I have been running from. I feel like I had been searching for some direction to start the healing and this course lit the path I need to follow to make that happen. Thank you for that!!

Kari H.


I like how authentically herself Lindsay is. She's so genuine and caring, it comes through in everything she says and how she teaches.

Molly A. 


Lindsay is loving, caring, enthusiastic and an amazing person. She is so supportive...I couldn't have asked for a better coach.


Whitney F. 


If you have the opportunity to work with Lindsay, jump on it! You will be blown away at what an amazing coach she is! You inspire daily!


Jenn P. 


Let's do this.

Ready to go from shame on to game on? Schedule a virtual chai date with me and lets get you ready to rock your life! 

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As a contributor to two #1 Best selling books on Amazon, I had the amazing opportunity to share my story of shame and recovery with the world, and I'd love for you to check it out too. I mean - who doesn't love a good hero story?! 

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