You were always more...

Ever get the feeling that there is just more to life than the ins and outs of the daily grind?


Does life seem like a constant up and down or a perpetual struggle with jobs, relationships, and even yourself? 


Are you constantly judging yourself for not being this or that

Everyone's talking about "authenticity"

The word "authentic" is rampantly being flung around the self-development world, and for good reason. I think everyone understands the value of being authentic, but what does "being authentic" mean? 


We have had so many years of programming through our families, school systems, social circles, and the whole of society - it's easy to get lost in all of the labels and expectations of the world. 


Most of us long for authenticity, but have a hard time pinpointing what exactly that means for us. 


My version of authentic is going to look completely different than another's version, so not one "formula" or "program" is going to fit for everyone. 


That's where my Energy Lab comes in. We alchemize the energies in your Akashic Record and begin re-writing your story, your way.


It's about discovering, and uncovering who you are at your core - your true self and helping you navigate through life based on the intrinsic qualities of your soul - not someone else's expectations of you. 

    What are the Akashic Records?

    The Akashic Records are the stories of the Universe. From the time it was created up until now, the Akashic Records have recorded every action, thought, emotion, and decision that was made. Pretty jazzy right?! 


    There are a lot of theories and explanations of where the Akashic Records live, how they were created, and how we can access them.  References to the Akashic Records can be found in many ancient texts including the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Mayans, the Jews, and even the Bible. Often times the Akashic Records have been referenced as "The Book of Life." 


    More modernly, the Akashic Records are extensively referenced in theosophical doctrine, a thought school developed in the late 1800s. Referred to as "Akasha," it is described in doctrine as "as the primordial substance that include all the vital force." 


    Edgar Cayce and many other metaphysical pioneers of the 20th century often spoke of the Akashic records and used them as a tool to help the forward movement of humanity.


    Imagine a database filled with infinite information about you - from the time you were created, the past lives that you have lived, and how the actions and decisions you made then may still be affecting you today. 


    What does Akashic Coaching mean?


    I call my work with the Akashic Records "Energy Lab" for a reason - because that's what we do, we look at things that could be affecting your present life and transmute negative energy into a powerful support system that keeps you aligned and expanding. I don't just read your records and send you on your way with a lot of confusing information - I coach you through it. There is a LOT of info in these readings and the most important thing to me is that you feel clear and confident moving forward. 


    Here's a few metrics we will explore: 

      Soul origination

      Where your soul originated and the intention behind your creation. Each "soul group" displays unique intrinsic strengths and weaknesses. What are yours? 

      Energy Centers and Soul "Presets"


      Notice how doing certain activities totally energize you and make you feel good? While others leave you feeling drained and tired? Energy centers are what give us that surge of energy, and when we know what ours are, we can fill our lives with activities that energize rather than drain us. 


      "Soul presets" are how we are designed to work and approach life before all of the programming of the modern world took hold on us. Discovering presets are one of my favorite things about the reading because they can bring so much balance to our lives if we pay attention to them. 

      Archetype Programs


      Each of us come to this life with specific intentions of learning and growth. Archetypes are downloaded to our "software" that run themes and programming that create patterns in our lives. In order to build self-esteem and complete patterns, we have to identify which archetypes we are working with and identify where each are showing up in our lives. 

      Karmic Patterns 

      As creatures of habit and the familiar, we tend to repeat things we've done in the past - even if that means a past life! If you are finding it difficult to move forward with certain aspects of your life, you are probably stuck in a repeating karmic cycle.  

      Past Life Roadblocks 

      Believe it or not - a curse, pact, vow, or contract you made in a past life could still be (and likely is!) influencing the patterns of your life today. Difficulty with money, employment, intimate relationships and more can often be traced back to a single belief you adopted in a past life that you are still living out today. 

      Chakra Blocks and Damage 

      When we engage in behavior that is out of alignment with who we are at a soul level, it can cause damage to our energy bodies, creating blocks in our chakras. We will look at each chakra to find out where the blocks are, why they occurred, and restore them to full power! 

      Heal Your Past, Change Your Life

      Heal Your Past, Change Your Life

      What's Included?

      • ONE MONTH of Coaching calls (YASSSS!!)

        During our first call we will explore the Soul Profile, this includes your soul group of origin, energy centers, and "soul presets." When we work in alignment with our natural gifts and tendencies, we experience way more flow and zest for life. 


        The second call we will dive into "negative" programming. This includes exploration of spirit guides, chakra blocks and damage, contracts, vows, and other negative unjustified karma hanging out in your record mucking you up. 


        Our third is all about past life exploration. Whenever I find something "negative" or wonky in your records I explore the point of origin, or how these programs landed in your records to begin with. By understanding the circumstances, players, and energetic statements of these things we can see how we continue to play out negative patterns - even lifetimes later. 


        One follow up call after our clearing work to help keep you supported and moving forward. 

      • Full Reading and Clearing Work

        I will access your records with specific intention to look for energy that is NEGATIVELY affecting you. Once I identify those patterns I work with the Akashic energies to clear residual negative energy and STOP those energetic influences. 

      • Call Recordings 

        I record each of our sessions so you have them to refer to as often as necessary. These readings are packed with information and it can be difficult to remember all that was discussed. 

      • Clearing and Restoration Homework 

        Once we have talked about your reading and have answered any questions, I will send you "homework" to solidify the clearing work and help you get a clean slate moving forward. (Don't worry the homework is pretty easy and we will go over all of that on our last call!) 

      • I'm here for you! 

        This stuff can be HEAVY and confusing - I want to make sure you have all the tools and understanding you need to move forward in awesomeness with your life - if you ever have any questions about your reading or the process, I am here to support you! 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who Can Access My Records?

      I can access my own records?

      How will I know clearing worked? 

      You and I will work together to clear your records of any negative influence and energy. This is a 21 days process and can be draining to empaths or energy sensitive people. Trusting the process and paying attention to (and taking care of!) your energy will be the most important thing when clearing your records. Some of my clients have reported getting a cold or other moderate illness, while others feel very energized and "light" after the process. Everyone is different, but mindfulness is key moving forward! 

      Will you tell me about past lives?

      How do you read Akashic Records

      What happens when its over?

      I am always available to help you talk through information in your record, even after the initial follow-up call. There is a LOT of information in these readings, and it can be hard to take it all in at once. I am happy to email or chat about any questions or challenges you have after we do a reading!  

      Move forward with Confidence 

      I am here because I received my own reading and it absolutely changed my life. After the incredible experience I had I knew part of my path was helping others uncover the information in their own records. I know you can change your life too! 

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